The Emergency Information Council, Inc. is a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation and a Federal IRS 501(c)(3) Charity (EIN: 93-2693935).


Compiling and making available emergency management and response information and preparedness planning, mainly through publication and maintenance of information booklets and pamphlets, and also creating and developing disaster response plans, activities and materials within the community of Leisure World Seal Beach.

The Golden Rain Foundation the and Mutual Corporations assume no responsibility or obligation for the emergency preparedness of Leisure World residents. Residents are on their own.

The main goal is to develop a community resilient in the face of any disaster or emergency. Creating communities that can rebuild themselves following an emergency takes trained volunteers and an informed public.

  • Learn about emergency plans for your neighbors
  • Participate in community preparedness exercises
  • Volunteer with CERT and get trained in basic disaster response skills


Participation is open to all Leisure World Residents as well as first responders who are welcome to join at any time. Any person added to the roster of the EIC carries the title of Director.

Participants are invited to share information concerning:

  • Drills
  • Townhall Meetings
  • Expos
  • Emergency Events
  • Pre and Post Event Results
  • Benchmark Ideas and Processes

It is recommended and encouraged that each Mutual choose a focal person(s) to attend the periodic meetings of the EIC and to share information with their neighbors.

Officers of the Emergency Information Council, Inc.

  • President/CEO. Elected by the Directors
  • Vice President. Appointed by the President with consultation of the Directors.
  • Secretary. Appointed by the President with consultation of the Directors.
  • Treasurer/CFO. Appointed by the President with consultation of the Directors.
  • GRF & CERT Laiason. Appointed by the GRF

Meeting Schedule.

The EIC meets on the second Thursday of the odd numbered months in Building 5 conference room B at 1pm. Meetings are held in person with remote access.

It also sponsors events at other times as reported in the weekly newspaper.